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Lynn Hankinson Nelson
PHIL 560
Seattle Campus

Seminar in the Philosophy of Science

Class description

Topic: Feminist Philosophies of Science This seminar will focus on the rich and heterogeneous research tradition of feminist philosophy of science. We will study the trajectory of philosophical theories about science as advanced by feminist philosophers and feminist scientists from when they emerged in the 1980s to current approaches. Central themes in feminist approaches to science include the “situatedness” of knowers (including scientists); the ways in which version of underdetermination can help to explain the role of background assumptions, and cognitive as well as (apparently) non-cognitive values in scientific practice; contextualism; and the “socialilty” of scientific practice. We will explore how some or all of themes are shared with other science studies approaches (sometimes appropriated by others without citing their earlier articulations in feminist approaches). Requirements: A formal paper at the end of the quarter. Several seminar presentations to open discussion of scheduled readings. Attendance and participation in all seminar meetings. Open to Graduate students in philosophy; Graduate students in the sciences or other fields by permission of the instructor; and Undergraduate students with significant philosophy of science background.

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