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Ingra R. Schellenberg
PHIL 540
Seattle Campus

Seminar in Ethics

Class description

Appeals to the value of and need to respect autonomy are widespread in the philosophical and bioethical literature, yet the meaning of autonomy is contested. In this course, we will look at some traditional and relational conceptions of autonomy, explore some of the competencies that may underlie autonomous decision making (e.g., self-knowledge, self-trust, commitment to values), and consider how rethinking autonomy might alter our use of the concept in practical arenas such as reproductive decision making and care for people with dementia. This will be a graduate super seminar because several of the assigned authors Marilyn Friedman, Andrea Westlund, and Carolyn McLeod -- will visit the seminar to discuss their work. Students will be expected to write a term paper on a topic of their choice (presented to the class in a 10 page draft version), comment on a peer's paper, and come to each class with critical discussion questions.

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