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Ronald M Moore
PHIL 514
Seattle Campus

Seminar in Legal Philosophy

Class description

According to Archilochus, the fox knows many things, while the hedgehog knows just one big thing. In this course, we will critically examine Ronald Dworkin’s new book, "Justice for Hedgehogs". In this book, Dworkin, one of today’s leading legal philosophers, presents a fresh, comprehensive theory of value—one that connects truth, morality, justice, and the meaning of life. Among the issues he takes up are: moral skepticism, theory of interpretation (in law and literature), free will, ancient moral theory, liberty, equality, justice, and the business of living well. He argues that value concerns in any one of these areas must be harmonized with value concerns in all the others. We will read our way through the entire book, taking up approximately two chapters per seminar session. Participants will be required to write a seminar paper (fifteen pages in length) critically assessing some theme or claim in the book and will be required to serve as “expert” discussion leader for one meeting (introducing the issues posed in the reading assignment, identifying key questions, and taking a stand on the claims made). The seminar is open to UW graduate students and undergraduate philosophy majors eligible for honors upon graduation. Others interested in enrolling may seek permission from the instructor. TEXT: "Justice for Hedgehogs", Ronald Dworkin.

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