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John B. Manchak
PHIL 483
Seattle Campus

Induction and Probability

Introduction to current accounts of evidence and observation, the confirmation of scientific theories, the logic of inductive reasoning, and the metaphysics and epistemology of chance. High school-level math used. Specific topics vary from year to year. Prerequisite: PHIL 120.

Class description

We will investigate general issues related to induction and probability. Topics include the problem of induction, falsification, confirmation, underdetermination, interpretations of probability, successes and failures of Bayesianism, decision theory, Bell's theorem, and formal learning theory. Prerequisite: PHIL 120. TEXTS: "Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues", M. Curd, J. Cover, and C. Pincock, eds.; "An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic", I. Hacking.

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