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Tyler W. Hildebrand
PHIL 467
Seattle Campus

Philosophy of Religion

Study of selected topics and problems in the philosophy of religion, such as: arguments for the existence of God; the problem of evil; atheism; faith; religious experience and revelation; the attributes of God; miracles; immortality; and the relation between religion and morality. Readings from historical and contemporary authors.

Class description

This course covers some major issues in philosophical theology and the philosophy of religion. We’ll begin with a study of the following five issues: ontological arguments, cosmological argument, teleological arguments, the problem of evil, and science and religion. During the last week, we'll explore some of the following issues: the problem of religion diversity and religion pluralism, morality and religion, religious experience, hell and salvation, Pascal’s wager, faith and reason, philosophical naturalism, and miracles.

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 03/31/2014