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Arthur I Fine
PHIL 360
Seattle Campus

Introductory Topics in Philosophy of Science

Study of one or more current topics in philosophy of science such as scientific realism, explanation, confirmation, causation. Prerequisite: one PHIL course; recommended: PHIL 120; PHIL 160.

Class description

Space, time and motion from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein will be our basis for studying theories, evidence, and conceptual change in science. REQUIRED TEXTS: 1. H. Butterfield, The origins of modern science. Revised Edition. Free Press. 2. Richard Dewitt, Worldviews: An introduction to the history and philosophy of science. Blackwell 3. A. Einstein and L. Infeld, The evolution of physics. Crown. 4. Nick Huggett (ed.). Space from Zeno to Einstein. MIT Press. 5. T. Kuhn, The structure of scientific revolutions. Second Edition. University of Chicago Press.

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