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Rebecca Aanerud
PHIL 206
Seattle Campus

Philosophy of Feminism

Philosophical analysis of the concepts and assumptions central to feminism. Theoretical positions within the feminist movement; view of the ideal society, goals and strategies of the movement, intersections of the sex-gender system with other systems of oppression. Offered: jointly with GWSS 206/POL S 212.

Class description

This is an introductory class to feminist philosophies and theories. We will focus on a range of feminist perspectives as they intersect with key political and philosophical concepts: identity, knowledge, agency, ethics, justice, among others. The goal of the class is to introduce you to key concepts of feminist philosophies, to understand the ways in which feminists have engaged, critiqued, and developed the work of other philosophers and theorists, and to build your understanding of how the philosophies connect to your own life.

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Class assignments and grading

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