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Jashvant D Unadkat
Seattle Campus

Advanced Pharmacokinetics I

Drug absorption, distribution, excretion, metabolism, and effects in mammalian systems. Compartmental and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models as well as non-compartmental approaches examined. Drug disposition studied in a physiologically realistic context taking nonlinear events into account. Aimed at development of innovative methods for data analysis (including population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models) and evaluation in biological systems. Prerequisite: PCEUT 506 or permission of instructor.

Class description

Course Description

PCEUT 501 will provide the student with a thorough understanding of concepts and models of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at an advanced level. Mathematical techniques for solving simple and complex compartmental mamillary models will be presented. Statistical and computer techniques will be illustrated via laboratory exercises which will provide the student with ≥hands-on≤ experience with fitting models to data. Concepts and models pertinent to pharmacodynamics, multicompartment kinetics, absorption kinetics and bioavailability will be covered. This course compliments PCEUT 502.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Performance Objectives

This course will enable the successful candidate to:

1. Apply pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic knowledge and concepts in designing laboratory and clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic experiments.

2. Evaluate critically pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data presented by other scientists.

3. Choose the most appropriate (structural and error) model for a data set.

4. Evaluate models and discriminate between models for a particular data set.

Recommended preparation

Prerequisite: Introductory calculus, PCEUT 506, PCEUT 405 or equivalent

Class assignments and grading


The overall grade for this course will be computed from the grades on the computer exercises and the midterm and final examinations.

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