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Dana L Hammer
Seattle Campus

P-Pharmacy Practice

Introduces students to principles of contemporary pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care. Lecture topics include pharmacy practice issues and general knowledge of common medications. Laboratory activities include prescription processing and problem solving, patient education, sterile products preparation, physical assessment, and other patient care activities. Prerequisite: PHARM 500, PCEUT 531.

Class description

This 3-credit course introduces first year pharmacy students to principles of contemporary pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management. It consists of one weekly 2-hour lecture and one weekly three-hour lab session. The 1st hour of lecture covers a variety of general pharmacy practice topics; the 2nd hour focuses on the most commonly prescribed medications and how patients should best use them. Information from each lecture session serves as the basis for laboratory activities such as prospective drug therapy review, patient education, preparation and administration of injectable medications, physical assessment of patients, consultation with other health care practitioners, and prevention of medication errors.

Student learning goals

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General method of instruction

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Recommended preparation

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