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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Larry D. Pelham
Seattle Campus

Profession of Pharmacy

Overview of the profession of pharmacy emphasizing practice opportunities and specialization. Introduction to clinical and ethics case evaluation techniques using the Pharmacist's Workup of Drug Therapy format. Off-site pharmacy visitation required. Credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: PHARM 309.

Class description

Students will have the opportunity to listen, interact, and learn from twenty-plus different pharmacy practitioners in their career options. Guest speakers practice in academia, hospitals, community pharmacies, governmental agencies, pharmaceutical industry, primary care, postgraduate residency, professional associations, and managed care. Practitioners presenting to the class represent a broad range from clinical practitioners to management as well as laison representatives.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Classroom guest speaker presentations with frequent question and answer sessions.

Recommended preparation

Receptivity to learning about the numerous, exciting career opportunities that lies before each student not only during their Doctor of Pharmacy educational experience but also postgraduate.

Class assignments and grading

Students assemble a a required professional portfolio including: cover letter, CV, references, interview preparation, and job offer negotiation. Minimal reading assignments. Take home final assignment includes assembling a professional employment portfolio consisting of personal strengths/weaknesses, qualifications for ideal summer pharmacy intern position. Students are also responsible for recording the "plus" and "minus" for each guest speaker's practice setting presented as part of their personal career assessment inventory.

Credit/No Credit depending on completion of take home assignment, along with 90% satisfactory class attendance.

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Date: 02/27/2004