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Richard G Keil
Seattle Campus

Oceanography of the Puget Sound

Explores the role of oceanography in regional issues. Field opportunities and active investigation of applied oceanographic problems. Lectures, research trip, student co-teaching, discussion. Prerequisite: either CHEM 152, CHEM 221, BIOL 162, BIOL 220, ESS 101, or ESS 210. Offered: A.

Class description

This is an applied oceanography course that is suitable for both oceanography majors and other scientists. The class explores the marine and intertidal components of Puget Sound with a focus on understanding the general patterns of circulation, biological growth, chemical structure and geological forcing in the region.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

The class is anchored by a series of lectures by the instructor complemented by guest speakers. There is a research cruise aboard an oceanographic research ship and usually one to three other field trips. The class, though not a lab, offers opportunity for hands-on research. During the quarter, case studies are used to explore the interplay between the basic science of oceanography and social issues.

Recommended preparation

Each person is expected to bring their area of expertice to the table in this class. Be you an oceanography major, botony, geology, education, or any other scientific discipline, you have skills needed to broach science and societal issues. The class prereqs are in place in order to insure that students have an adequate background in some scientific area of study. Oceanography seniors are expected to have completed Biological Oceanography prior to taking this class.

Class assignments and grading

Members of the class will have group activites, field trips and research logs, homework assignments and one final exam (usually an interactive exam such as a class debate or presentation).

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