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Instructor Class Description

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Richard G Keil
Seattle Campus

Field Investigations in Marine Biology

Evaluates the relationships between man and marine systems in a field-oriented class. Case studies directly investigate marine biology. Studies include human activities and our effects on marine species and communities. Multiple field trips, lectures, and labs. Prerequisite: FISH 350/OCEAN 350. Offered: jointly with FISH 351; Sp.

Class description

This course teaches the process of designing and implementing field activities in marine biology, and interpretation of field-collected data.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Guest Lecture, Lab and Readings with discussion

Recommended preparation

willingness to participate in group activities as an equal team mamber, writing and interpretation skills, general background in biology.

Class assignments and grading

writing assignments of 6 pages each, readings and coordination of discussion, poster presentation and participation in field activities.

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