Instructor Class Descriptions (ICDs) have been replaced by Syllabus Descriptions for courses offered Summer 2014 and beyond. Like ICDs, Syllabus Descriptions provide specific information regarding the content and delivery of courses that can help students plan their registration. They can be accessed through MyPlan; please note that they are not available via the Time Schedule.

For Faculty/Staff: How to Create a Syllabus Description in Canvas

  1. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a Canvas Syllabus Description, please visit:
    Use Canvas to Publicize Your Individual Course Description.
  2. For information on how to request departmental-level authorization to create Canvas Syllabus Descriptions on behalf of instructors, please visit: Grant Authorization for Canvas in ASTRA.
  3. For full details regarding why this replacement is occurring, please visit ICD to Canvas Conversion.

For Students: How to Find a Syllabus Description in MyPlan

  1. Login to MyPlan with your UWNetID at MyPlan (NOTE: Student Access Only)
  2. Use Find Courses to search for the course of interest. If the course you have selected is scheduled to be offered, you can select the course to find the associated Sections. (see screenshots below)
  3. If there is a public Syllabus Description for that Section, it will show as a link under the Instructor's Name. Click on the link to view the Syllabus Description in a pop-up window.(see screenshots below)

MyPlan ScreenShot Find Course

MyPlan Screenshot Add to Plan

MyPlan Screenshot Course Syllabus Example