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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Arnold De Castro
Seattle Campus

Occupational Health Nursing: Program Development

In-depth examination of occupational health and safety programs including organizational analyses, budgeting, marketing, case management, and workers' compensation; also political, economic, legal, and ethical issues. Focuses on development, implementation, and evaluation of programs including health promotion, EAP, and health surveillance. Applies public health and nursing sciences to selected work-related problems.

Class description

In-depth examination of aspects of occupational health and safety programs. Discussions focus on development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive and targeted programs.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Seminar style with guest lecturers/presenters.

Recommended preparation

Complete weekly readings; contribute to in-class discussions; produce scholarly written assignments that demonstrate critical thinking and synthesis of content relevant to occupational and environmental health nursing practice.

Class assignments and grading

Written papers, oral presentation, and class participation.

For first year OEHN students: 20% Occupational and environmental health history paper 20% Workplace walkthrough and assessment paper 20% Workplace walkthrough presentation 20% Current events portfolio 20% Class preparation and participation

For second year OEHN students: 20% Current events portfolio 40% OEHN manuscript 20% OEH topic presentation 20% Class preparation and participation

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