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Christina Sunardi
Seattle Campus

American Popular Song

Historical, social, and stylistic study of popular idioms from the late nineteenth century to the present. Most attention to contemporary idioms (rock, country-western, soul, hip-hop). Various facets of the industry examined to learn how they influence taste and musical style.

Class description

***Note: Music 162A and Music 162B entail the same lectures and the same exams. Music 162B is an option for students who would like to receive "W" credit. To receive "W" credit, you must enroll in both the lectures for Music 162B (which are the same lectures as the lectures for Music 162A) AND in one weekly lab section. In the lab section, you will meet with a teaching assistant to discuss the material covered in lecture and to work on your research and writing skills. The writing requirements for Music 162B will be consistent with other "W" courses at the UW. For more on "W" courses at the UW please visit the following website: If that does not work, please search the UW website for "W courses." More details about Music 162B and the requirements for Music 162B will be available on the first day of class. If you are not interested in earning "W" credit for Music 162, please enroll in Music 162A. More details about Music 162A and the requirements for Music 162A will be available on the first day of class as well.

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Date: 03/17/2010