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Kannan Krishnan
MSE 550
Seattle Campus

Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, and Related Technologies

Introduce magnetism, magnetic materials, and related applications. Discusses intrinsic and phenomenological concepts of magnetism, ordered magnetic materials, magnetic phenomena, small particles, thin films, and applications (magnetic recording, permanent magnets, and spin-electronic). Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to magnetism, magnetic materials and related applications. A description of magnetic phenomena on a macroscopic scale will be followed by discussions of modern experimental methods for magnetic measurements. Intrinsic and phenomenological concepts of magnetism such as electronic magnetic moments and classical, quantum and band theories of magnetic behavior will also be introduced. The course will then cover ordered magnetic materials (emphasizing their structure-sensitive properties) and magnetic phenomena, including magnetic anisotropy, magnetic domain structures & dynamics and magnetostriction. Finally, the magnetic behavior of small particles & thin films and a range of applications , including magnetic recording, permanent magnets, quantitative imaging of magnetic domains, surface and interface magnetism, magneto-optics andspin electronics will be introduced

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