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George K Behlmer
Seattle Campus

Core Seminar in the History of Modern Europe

An introduction to historiographical classics and exemplary new works in the various fields of modern European history. Members of the seminar choose research topics and present the results of their research to the seminar.

Class description

HIST 595 / HSTEU 510 is designed to introduce graduate students to a variety of “historical practices,” many of which are associated with the study of modern Europe. This course will make no attempt to provide an overview of modern European historiography (an undertaking that is bound to be reductionist in any case). Rather, HIST 595 / HSTEU 510 will approach modern European history as a field in which several epistemological orientations--ways of knowing--are simultaneously at work. How is history embedded in words? How is space historically contingent? What does history owe to storytelling? Is a human life a “natural” unit of historical analysis? These will be some of the issues with which we will deal. Graduate students are encouraged, but not required, to take the full 510-511-512 series, wherein the last two quarters will be devoted to producing a substantial seminar paper based on primary sources.

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