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Instructor Class Description

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Zinon Papakonstantinou
Seattle Campus

Topics in European History

Examines special topics in European history.

Class description

Memory and History in Modern Greece

This course examines the reception of ancient and medieval traditions and material culture in modern Greece, as well as their role in constructing modern Greek identity. In this way, modern Greece serves as a case-study that allows us to examine broader issues related to nationhood and identity construction. Topics to be examined include the effect and use of ancient and medieval art and monuments in promoting Greekness, the use of kathareuousa (purified form of Greek language, more akin to ancient Greek than modern spoken Greek) as official language until 1976, the legacy of ancient Olympism and its effect on the modern Olympic movement and modern Greece (with particular emphasis on the 2004 summer Olympics), the link between history, irredentism and foreign policy since the creation of the modern Greek state etc.

Student learning goals

Analysis and evaluation of historical sources

understanding of issues related to identity construction in nation-states

effective presentation of student research in an orderly and persuasive fashion

General method of instruction

lectures, readings, class discussions

Recommended preparation

No formal prerequisites, although some knowledge of Greek history would be preferred

Class assignments and grading

Class participation, written assignment, final exam (percentages to be announced in due time)

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Date: 04/15/2008