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Instructor Class Description

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Nathaniel Parker Weston
Seattle Campus

History of Nazi Germany

Introduces students to the social, political, and cultural history of Germany leading to and during the National Socialist era from 1933-1945. Through the lens of Germany social history, studies the rise of fascism and genocide, and how the German case can inform other historical studies.

Class description

This course examines National Socialism in Germany from its origins in the First World War and earlier to its end in World War II. It specifically addresses Nazismís ideological roots, party structure, biographies of prominent leaders, development of dictatorship, social and economic policies, diplomatic and military actions, and perpetration of the Holocaust.

Student learning goals

Identify people, events, and ideas relevant to the history of Nazi Germany

Analyze written and visual sources from the National Socialist era

Compare and contrast historiansí interpretations of a topic on Nazism

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation

No previous knowledge of German, European, or world history will be required, but a command of English composition and understanding of historical methodology will certainly lend themselves to greater student success in the course.

Class assignments and grading

A literature review in addition to a midterm and final exam


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Date: 11/09/2013