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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jane George-Falvy
MGMT 411
Seattle Campus

Recruiting and Hiring Talent

Affirmative action, recruitment, testing, interviewing, placement, promotion, and overall human resource planning. Prerequisite: MGMT 311. Offered: W.

Class description

After completing this course you should: 1. know the major laws, court cases and regulations surrounding the staffing functions. 2. understand issues of measurement, reliability, validity and their impact on staffing. 3. know the major job analysis techniques and be able to write a world class job description. 4. be able to create job specifications and recruiting materials that are both effective and legal. 5. know the different kinds of pre-employment tests including ability, personality, performance, and integrity, and their ability to predict job performance. 6. know different types of ineligibility testing (i.e. drug, health, physical requirement tests) and legal issues surrounding their use. 7. understand some of the issues surrounding the measurement of performance and how this relates to validating selection methods.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

We will learn by a variety of instructional methods: I will do some talking, we will spend time working on projects, discussing the course material, talking about cases, watching videos--to ensure understanding of the wide variety of complex issues covered in the class.

Recommended preparation

MGMT 311 is a required prerequisite. Some background in statistics is helpful, such as correlation and regression analysis.

Class assignments and grading

See syllabus:

See syllabus:

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