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Susan H. Whiting
LSJ 469
Seattle Campus

Law and Rights in Authoritarian Regimes

Explores role of law and courts and nature of rights in authoritarian regimes. Questions addressed include why authoritarian regimes promote "rule-of-law", who is empowered by law, and the political consequences of "rule-of-law' promotion. Recommended: LSJ 366/JSIS B 366 or POL S 367/LSJ 367. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 469/POL S 469.

Class description

Description: Is the rule of law necessary for capitalist economic development? What is the role of law in transitions from authoritarian government? This course examines the role of law and courts in economic and political change in the developing world. Topics include economic development, property rights, dispute resolution, democratization, and human rights. The course will also address the ways in which various legal traditions and institutions affect outcomes in each of these issue areas. The empirical materials will focus mainly on East Asia with some comparisons to Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

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