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Robert E. Larson
LIS 543
Seattle Campus

Design of Information Systems

Discusses how theories of conceptual data modeling affect design of database and information systems, examines relationships between modeling and implementation, and bridges gaps between theoretical understanding of database design and implementation issues. Implements conceptual schemata development in LIS 542.

Class description

LIS 543 - Design of Information Systems

Instructor Course Description The course will have two distinct tracks: relational database skills and Information System Design theory.

SQL and Web Programming Skills We will cover the techniques and skills of building and using a relational database application using MySQL as the vehicle. We will also look at installing and configuring Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP web development application. PHP is a programming language that adds functionality to HTML and your web pages.

A portion of each week will involve working with hands-on exercises that will cover the skills required of someone called on to use these tools. Each student will need to install Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP on a computer. These applications are available free on the Internet (latest versions) or on the CD-ROM that accompanies the book.

Information System Design Theory Each week will include readings (PDFs), videos, lectures and online discussions on various related topics, including SQL, system design considerations, managing a development project, content management system, system architecture, and Service-Oriented Architecture.

Assignments The weekly assignments will generally be in the Skills track and will involve exchanging results with an ePeer of your choosing for feedback and first-line support. There will be a Discussion Board setup specifically for the skills track that will be used for help, questions, reporting typos, and venting.

Student learning goals

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Date: 03/24/2008