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Sharon Louise Hargus
LING 551
Seattle Campus

Phonology I: Introduction to Phonological Analysis

Patterning of sounds and gestures in human languages; analysis in generative phonological framework. Prerequisite: LING 550. Offered: WSpS.

Class description

Winter 2001 - Issues in the phonological representation of initial geminates and consonant clusters

A well known and outstanding problem for moraic phonology is the representation of initial geminate consonants. Given the widespread (but not universally held) assumption in moraic phonology that geminates are moraic consonants, and that onset consonants are non-moraic, initial geminates are either moraic and not syllabified as onset consonants, or they are syllabified but non-moraic. Analyses of geminates as non-moraic and as moraic consonants have been proposed, for geminates in both initial and medial positions.

Paralleling the issue of how to represent geminate consonants, particularly initial geminate consonants, is the question of whether consonant clusters are exhaustively syllabified, may be moraic but not syllabified, or may not be part of any higher prosodic structure at word edge.

In this class we will survey the evidence that has been adduced for these varied approaches to initial geminates and clusters through class readings and class discussion, focusing on moraic vs. non-moraic representations. Students who register for 3 credits will be expected to research the phonological properties of a language with either initial clusters or initial geminates or both. (A list of possible research languages will be provided for students who do not already have a language in mind.) Students will be expected to present a report on their research progress at some point during the second half of the quarter, as well as summarize their research in a final term paper.

A reading packet will either be available for purchase at Ave Copy Center or will be available for photo-copying in the main office, depending on student preference.

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