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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Sharon Louise Hargus
LING 451
Seattle Campus

Phonology I

Patterning of ounds and gestures in human languages; analysis in generative phonological framework. Prerequisite: LING 450.

Class description

This class is an introduction to phonology, abstract properties of sounds (and signs) in the world’s languages. An understanding of phonology is presupposed by many subdisciplines of linguistics (such as morphology, experimental phonetics), as well as other fields of study (linguistics of particular language families or areas, first and second language acquisition, language processing). The topics covered in this class include neutralization rules, morpheme alternations, underlying forms, syllable structure, and tone. The emphasis is on learning how to solve phonological problems and writing up a convincing analysis (argumentation). Keeping up with the reading and attending class regularly are important for doing well in the class. The theoretical framework for this class is classical (rule-based) generative phonology.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

lecturing, discussion of reading, data analysis in small groups

Recommended preparation

Prerequisite: LING 450 (passed at 2.0 or better) or equivalent. You should be familiar with phonetic transcription, phonetic description, phonological features, phonological rules, and complementary distribution.

Class assignments and grading

See below

My evaluation of you will be based on either of the following, depending on whether a homework grader is available or not:

if we have a homework grader: midterm 1 20% midterm 2 20% homework, quizzes 30% class participation/SOWL 5% term paper 25%

if there is no homework grader: midterm 1 25% midterm 2 25% quizzes 15% class participation/SOWL 5% term paper 30%

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Date: 11/09/2005