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Instructor Class Description

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Anna C. Mastroianni
LAW H 504
Seattle Campus

Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Public Health Genetics

Equips the student to anticipate and assess potential legal, ethical, and social barriers complicating the incursion of new genetic advances, information, and technologies into public and private healthcare delivery efforts. Prerequisite: GENOME 361, GENOME 371, or equivalent. Offered: jointly with B H 514/PHG 512; A.

Class description

Through lectures, class discussions, and examination, students will: develop basic skills in legal, ethical, social and policy analysis as it pertains to public health genetics policy and practice; be able to recognize and analyze legal, ethical and social issues arising in the context of public health genetics; become familiar with the diverse literature and research sources regarding legal, ethical and social issues in public health genetics, including books, journals, and government reports; and increase the competence with which they make decisions in the area of public health genetics as issues arise in their practice and professional training.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

lecture and group discussion

Recommended preparation

basic understanding of genetics

Class assignments and grading

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