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Mary D Fan
LAW B 515
Seattle Campus

Criminal Procedure: Investigation

Class description

This course is about limits on the power of police to detect and investigate crime because of constitutional protections for our liberty and privacy. The course focuses on search, seizure and interrogations, including such issues as: • searches of your home, car, yard, trash, and financial records; • computer searches and interception of email and other electronic data; • surveillance modes such as wiretaps, GPS monitoring and thermal imaging; • stops and frisks; • traffic stops; • racial and socioeconomic status profiling; and • “special needs” searches in schoolyards, airports, subways and roadblocks. In addition we will also cover: • the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination; • protections during custodial police interrogation, including Miranda rights and the right to counsel; • police line-ups and the perils of eyewitness identification, and how it has contributed to wrongful convictions; and • the embattled exclusionary rule as remedy for violations.

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Date: 05/17/2011