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Instructor Class Description

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Jeffrey Hou
L ARCH 503
Seattle Campus

Community Design Studio

Methods and techniques for developing physical design solutions and implementation strategies in neighborhoods and small communities. Social, economic, political, and individual forces affecting community development and growth. Comparison of several communities, identifying pertinent landscape issues, potential design solutions, and methods for achieving design goals through the political process.

Class description

Working with the ID2030 Design & Resource Center along with other community stakeholders in the International District, the students will provide significant input in the actual planning and design process in the District. Through interactions with the local communities, the studio enables students to develop skills to practice effectively in cross-cultural settings and public and community processes.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

This studio places urban design in the larger context of community building, place making, cultural identities, and political actions. The central question in this studio concerns the future role of ethnic communities in cities and how place making through architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and community participation can help articulate and facilitate that role. This studio is intended to provide an interdisciplinary working environment. Students in the MArch and MUP programs are encouraged to join.

Recommended preparation


Chin, Doug. Seattle's International District: The Making of A Pan-Asian American Community. Seattle: International Examiner Press.

Hester, Jr., Randolph T. Community Design Primer. Mendocino: Ridge Time Press.

Class assignments and grading

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