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Instructor Class Description

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Kenneth P Yocom
L ARCH 363
Seattle Campus

Ecological Design and Planning

Introduction to landscape ecological theory applied to urban environments. Comparison of different vocabularies used to describe landscape structure and function, from the fields of landscape design, urban design, and biology. Discussion of design theories that have sought to re-center landscape planning and design around the goal of achieving ecological sustainability.

Class description

This course examines the theory, principles, and application of ecological design and planning practices. Developed as an introductory survey course the curriculum tracks the historical development, contemporary issues, and emerging approaches within this applied field of work.

Student learning goals

develop the basic understanding of ecological theory and relationships relevant to the design process

develop and apply skills for critically examining contemporary landscape conditions,

attain an overview of relevant projects and practices that incorporate ecological thinking into design,

develop methods for exploring, understanding, and appreciating the complexity of their surrounding environments.

General method of instruction

The lecture-based course is heavily supplemented with invited academic and practicing professionals, as well as, local field trips.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 03/06/2009