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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jonathan W. Warren
JSIS B 100
Seattle Campus

Issues in International Studies

Offers an introduction to some contemporary salient issues in international and global affairs, focusing on one or two major developments or questions.

Class description

US universities have increasingly advocated and embraced global engagement and citizenship as a priority. This represents a departure from an emphasis on national interests in the direction of cosmopolitanism. It also presents an alternative set of ethics to the utilitarianism that has dominated common sense and political discourses for much of the past three decades. This lecture class will review this change, the causes behind it, and its significance. It will also offer direction about how to be effective global citizens. The history of global engagement is littered with many failures that in some cases have done more harm than good. But there are also many success stories. We will study both, with the objective of sorting out the ingredients that lead to constructive global activism.

Student learning goals

An understanding of the history of global engagement as a pedagogical goal and how it is a departure from previous university initiatives.

Knowledge about the methodology of effective (and ineffective) global activism.

General method of instruction

Lecture with some limited discussion.

Recommended preparation

An interest in global engagement and activism.

Class assignments and grading

Two exams, midterm and final. They will be essay exams if there are readers or teaching assistants for the class.

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