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Sabine Lang
JSIS A 302
Seattle Campus

The Politics and Cultures of Europe

Builds upon themes and topics introduced in JSIS A 301. Provides rigorous and specialized investigation of European political institutions, societies, and cultures in the modern era. Prerequisite: JSIS A 301.

Class description

Even though European integration is a powerful motor for politics in Europe today, nation states, their political cultures, and their specific institutional arrangements remain central to the future of Europe. The current debate about the ‚Äúre-nationalization‚Ä? of politics during the Euro crisis speaks to the power of nation states in Europe. This course will introduce students to political systems and social transformations in major Western European Democracies since 1945. Their respective national and sub-national histories and cultures inform for example their foreign, social, or migration policies as well as their outlook on the EU. Why do the Germans want stronger integration while the UK wants more autonomy from Brussels? Why has Italy had almost 40 governments since 1945? Why has France established a ban on full-face veils in public? We will examine different nation states by exploring not just their political systems but also the differing challenges that they currently face.

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Date: 01/27/2013