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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Albert J Sbragia
ITAL 403
Seattle Campus

Early Modern Italian Readings II

Readings in Italian Sei/Settecento, covering the periods of Baroque and Enlightenment literature. Prerequisite: ITAL 302.

Class description

This year's 403 focuses on the 19th century. Analysis of Italian literary and cultural texts from the 19th century including Italian Romanticism (Foscolo, Leopardi, Manzoni), the Operatic tradition, Scapigliatura, and Verismo (Verga). Students will read, analyze and discuss classical literary, cultural, operatic and visual texts from the nineteenth-century Italian canon. Emphasis will be given to the development of Italian Romanticism, the relationship between the struggle for Italian nationhood and cultural paradigms, the rise of verismo and decadentism at the end of the century.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Class lecture and discussion; student presentations; weekly written assignments.

Recommended preparation

Students should have a fairly advanced knowledge of Italian; they should either have completed Italian 303 or have very strong third year language skills.

Class assignments and grading

Assigned readings, short papers, some music laboratory opera listening. Weekly brief position papers with 2 longer midterm and final essays. One oral presentation project.

Weekly brief position papers 15% Midterm and Final essays 70% Oral presentation project 15%

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