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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Alwynn R Rouyer
Seattle Campus

Special Topics

Content varies.

Class description


This course introduces students to the politics and contemporary problems facing the Middle East. The course will examine the main patterns of politics and the forces shaping them in the twenty-plus countries that make up the region including Israel and the area governed by the Palestinian Authority. Several countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran will be singled out for in-depth examination. Offered with SISME 590 A & POL S 331 B.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Course Requirements  Assigned reading  Class discussion/participation

Recommended preparation

Required Texts  Deborah Gerner, ed. Understanding the Middle East, 2003  Hammond Atlas of the Middle East, 2003  Compiled readers of selected articles and chapters of books

Class assignments and grading

 Map quiz  Mid term and final exams  10-15-page research paper

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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