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Erik M Wibbels
Seattle Campus

Government and Politics of Latin America

Analysis of the political dynamics of change in Latin America comparing various national approaches to the political problems of modernization, economic development, and social change. Offered: jointly with POL S 342.

Class description

Spring 2002: This course overviews politics in Latin America. We begin with the persistence of anti-liberal politics in the post-independence era, the emergence of democracy and populism, the rise of revolutionary movements and the authoritarian responses thereto. We then move on to the process of democratization in the region. The class will conclude with a treatment of Latin American politics in an era of globalization. This course is designed as a complement to my Political Science 322 class. READINGS: Chasteen, Born in Blood and Fire; Edelman, Peasants Against Globalization; Course packet. Offered jointly with POL S 342.

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