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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Paul Burstein
Seattle Campus

The American Jewish Community

Development and current status of American Jewish community: immigration; changes in religious practice, institutions in response to circumstances in American Society; creation of new types of secular communal organizations; assimilation; confrontation with antisemitism; family life; social, economic mobility; religious, secular education; intermarriage, and future of community. Offered: jointly with SOC 377.

Class description

Students learn about the history of the American Jewish community, its adapation to life in the U.S. and its contributions to American culture, society and politics. Special attention is paid to how the Jewish community developed new forms of religious expression and new types of religious and secular organizations to ensure the community's continuing vitality. The course also examines how Jews in the U.S. relate to Jews around the world, and how the Jewish experience in the U.S. compares to that of other ethnic and religious groups.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

lecture and discussion mixed.

Recommended preparation

No background knowledge of the American Jewish community required.

Class assignments and grading

Several brief analyses of readings; a 7-10 page paper based on research about an aspect of the American Jewish community chosen by the student; final essay exam.

Basis on which Grades are Assigned: based on the written assignments and class participation.

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