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Susan H. Whiting
Seattle Campus

Seminar: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of China

Class description

This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the field of China Studies intended primarily for China Program MA Students. Throughout the course, we will encounter the work of historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, and economists. The course is meant to introduce students to a few of the major issues with which the China studies field is currently concerned. It is also meant to prepare students, both substantively and methodologically, for the spring quarter seminar, SISEA 522, in which MA students normally prepare one of the papers that they will offer in fulfillment of the writing requirements for the MA degree.

Specifically, we will focus on three sets of interrelated issues spanning the twentieth and reaching into the twenty-first century: the Chinese working class as a social and political force, the political economy of development, and state power and social forces in urban China. For each issue, we will pursue two main goals. First, we will study some of the most prominent works on the issue, and we will consider the broader theoretical context in which the issue is examined. Second, we will examine some of the primary sources employed by the authors and consider how they were used to further (or hinder!) our understanding of China.

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