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Julia N. Eulenberg
Seattle Campus

Seminar: Canadian Problems

Major issues pertaining to Canadian society, government, and economic development.

Class description

THE JEWS IN CANADA: This course studies the process of immigration, settlement, and acceptance of Canada's Jews. The earliest migrations were from England and created a strong Sephardic population. At the same time, the very small numbers of German Jewish immigrants who came during mid-19th century created characteristics very different from those found in the United States--a stronger Orthodox community religiously, a population socially closer to its Canadian peers, and an ingrained and positive Zionism. During the late nineteenth century, East European Jews were encouraged to immigrate as farmers, most having greater success than their American counterparts. Restrictive legislation at the turn of the century would limit the number of Jews who could enter Canada. These policies had their greatest impact during the years surrounding World War II. Recent demographic changes and Canada's multiculturism approach have encouraged the immigration of a significant number of French-speaking Jews from North Africa.

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