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Kieran D. O'Malley
Seattle Campus

Special Topics

Content varies.

Class description

OBJECTVES The overall course objective is to foster a true interprofessional understanding of two fundamentally different health care systems, namely Canada and the US, and how they deal with general and specific population groups. The Canadian health care system espouses a ''collective' approach with a minimal standard of heath care , whereas the USA adopts a more ' individualistic' approach where there is no universal standard, and the quality of health is generally determined by economic factors. AUTUMN 2003 MODULE 3 Compare and contrast the care of First Nations in Canada and Native Americans in the USA. It will also compare and contrast the transcultural health care issues involved in health care delivery to Asians in both Canada and the USA. The USA has a central Indian Health Service , but Canada has at least 141 different native health care systems. Both countries struggle with the lasting effects of colonization, tuberculosis, diabetes, depression and suicide. Perhaps the most devastating has been the transgenerational effect of alcohol seen in the prevalence of the chronic condition Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder due to prenatal exposure to alcohol. Asian populations make up 8.9% of the Canadian population and 4.1% of the USA population. Many of this ethnic population utilize a mixture of western medicine with traditional Chinese healing such as acupuncture or Chinese herbs. The asian communities in both Canada and the USA struggle with the tension between assimulation and individualization which is often reflected in their expression of illness and their utiilization of health care services.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Presentation and discussion of modules.

Recommended preparation

Review of module material and class readings. Requires class attendance.

Class assignments and grading

Class work includes knowledge of recommended class texts, a review and presentation of an academic paper on the module topic, and completion of a minimal 5 page essay, with 1 page of references on the module topic set on the last day of the module.

CREDITS Completion of module is worth 1 credit.

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