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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Anthony B. Chan
Seattle Campus

Canadian Documentary Film Traditions

History and development of non-fiction film documentary traditions, especially in Canada, the first institutionally defined area in which documentaries became prominent through the National Film Board and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Discussion of Flaherty, Greirson, and independent network producers who developed present-day style of documentaries. Offered: jointly with COM 430.

Class description

This five credit course examines the history and development of the nonfiction film documentary traditions, especially in Canada. From the days of Robert Flaherty to John Grierson, the documentary tradition formed the basis of how countries perceived themselves and the world.

As one of the first countries to promote a documentary style of film making with government support, Canada's documentary traditions are centered in the National Film Board, the current affairs division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and in independent producers of film and video documentaries.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures, film discussions.

Recommended preparation

Be inquisitive and open-minded about Canada, a country distinct from the United States in mores, cultural traditions, government, politics, history and language.

Class assignments and grading

Essays, group presentation and examinations.

Three viewing analyses, one group presentation and two examinations.

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