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W A Douglas Jackson
Seattle Campus

Canadian Values and Symbols

Overview of the ideas, events, and activities which help define Canadians as a people. Examines the "national" expression of these values and symbols, as evidenced in historical experience, a physical environment often harsh and unyielding, a diverse people and cultures, and a pride in achievement that is frequently slow to surface.

Class description

What makes Canada interesting is its complexity, a complexity which first of all is constructed upon three deeply rooted pillars - the aboriginal, thefrancophone and the anglophone (Saul). This foundation, however, does not exclude other groups and above all the leaders of politics, art and philosophy. It grows out of a northern environment, chilled by long frosty winters, its efforts to build an economy based on raw materials and trade, and a stong desire to leave a mark on the peoples of the globe. It also grows out of its two to three centuries of contact with Europe and an association with a dynamic southern neighbor with similar components. Canadians, understandably, struggle to comprehend their history and identity, to cherish their land and to nourish their sovereignty, and to promote a security founded on intelligence and strength, the latter to be achieved either through missile defence systems or less complex means. This course appraises Canadian symbols, the ceremonial rolls of the Queen and the Governor General, parliamentary policies and the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the labors of a multi-cultural,urbanizing, and federal society.

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