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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Michele D. Giambattista
I BUS 330
Seattle Campus

Business Environment in Developing Nations

The international environment for transnational trade, investment, and operations in the less-developed countries; survey of the economics of underdevelopment; analysis of foreign economic, cultural, and political environments and their impact on international business; foreign investment in the development process; case studies. Prerequisite: I BUS 300; may not be repeated. Offered: A.

Class description

The goal is to introduce students to international business in developing economies from the manager's perspective. The textbook focuses on the struggle of the poorest billion of the six billion people on the globe. A second goal is to examine "globalization" and understand the concepts and arguments for and against. The course builds on introductory courses in international business, marketing, finance, IT, accounting, operations and HR. Knowledge gained will be used to analyze and understand how managers deal with the environment and decisions faced by global managers. Students also will learn and demonstrate ability to effectively communicate their thinking.

Student learning goals

Why "the Bottom Billion" stuck at the bottom.

Globalization as a solution.

What "instruments" might help.

An agenda for action for to assist the Bottom Billion.

Ablity to assess the business environment in the poorest countries.

The course will require students to "think on their feet" and cope in often seemingly unstructured environment. The ultimate goal is to make strategic recommendations to the heads of state of the countries studied.

General method of instruction

Daily class participation.

Each week teams will be assigned to do a preliminary investigation of each element of the business environment of a designated country. These 1-2 page findings will be supplied to the team investigating that particular country after the instructorís review of the findings.

A final exam will be given. The exam will consist of an international business case.

Group Research Project - Impact of Globalization (30%) Students will form teams to investigate a developing economy to determine how the nationís business economy impacts international business decisions.

Recommended preparation

Skeptical curiosity and motivation to learn.

A good sense of humor.

Class assignments and grading

Participation 20% Written "findings" 20% (6 short papers) Group research project 30% Final exam 20%

See above.

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