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Matthew Sparke
SIS 522
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Ethnicity and Nationalism

Topics vary, but always focus on ethnic group relations and nationalism viewed from a broad, comparative, interdisciplinary perspective. Emphasis is heavily cross-cultural, and the geographical coverage world-wide.

Class description

This combined seminar and public lecture series explores the tension between metaphorical appeals to the eclipse of national borders and more material dynamics of border negotiation and displacement on the ground. The speakers come from Political Science, Geography, Anthropology, Womenıs Studies, English, and Area and Cultural Studies. Each lecture will in some way connect empirical (largely ethnographic) work on transnational spaces and struggles with the more abstract questions surrounding boundaries and belonging in a world shaped by globalization and the transnational development of civil societies. Each seminar will focus on reading drafts of the papers to be presented along with other articles suggested as especially pertinent by the speakers. These articles are equally interdisciplinary and wide ranging in their scope. Although the seminar series is primarily for graduate students, senior undergraduates from IS and Geography are also welcome. Students will be evaluated on the basis of seminar participation, involvement in the lecture series, and an end of quarter term paper. The reading will be in the form of a reader that will be made available on the first day of class.

Speakers March 31st : Patricia Price (confirmed) with commentary by Michelle Habel-Pallan (confirmed) April 7th : Rebbeca Stein (confirmed) with commentary by Ann Anagnost (invited) April 14th : Simon Dalby (confirmed) with commentary by Alana Boland (invited) April 21st: Eve Darian-Smith (confirmed) with commentary by Alexandra Harmon (invited) April 28th: Jennifer Hyndman (confirmed) with commentary by Victoria Lawson (confirmed)

May 5th: Jim Scott (confirmed) with commentary by Laurie Sears (confirmed) May 12th: Melissa Wright "A Neo-Modern Utopia: Global firms and masculine heroes in Mexico's maquiladoras," (confirmed) with commentary by Carlos Tovares (confirmed). May 19th: Alys Weinbaum and Brent Edwards (confirmed) with commentary by Matthew Sparke (confirmed) May 26th: Sanjay Chaturvedi (confirmed) with commentary by K. Sivaramakrishnan (confirmed) June 2nd: Matthew Sparke (confirmed)

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