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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Christopher D Jones
SIS 502
Seattle Campus

Seminar: Globalization and International Relations

Focuses on globalism, including international relations and transnational studies. Provides an understanding of the interplay of area studies with processes that transcend geographical areas and intersect political boundaries, an overview of transnationalism or international relations, and skills in undertaking a major research and writing project. Offered: Sp.

Class description

The foreign and security policies of the United States vis a vis the nuclear weapons states/nuclear weapons capable states of Eurasia. Multi-lateral alliance systems built around nuclear weapons and multi-lateral non-proliferation regimes built around treaties and international agencies.

Student learning goals

Historical evolution of the US alliance sytems in Europe and East Asia

History of challenges to maintaining a global non-proliferation regime- focus on India, Pakistan

Impact of technological diffusion on international security system

General method of instruction

4-5 short response papers to separate assignments plus 8-10 page essay on thematic issue or 8-10 page research paper

Recommended preparation

overview of 20th century history of Eurasia

Completion of SIS 500, 501.

Class assignments and grading

papers on topics chosen by student from list of suggested topics class discussion of papers grades based on papers

critical analysis of individual texts plus synthesis of arguments/debates on common issues covered by several texts

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