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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Kazimierz Poznanski
SIS 498
Seattle Campus

Readings in International Studies

Reading and discussion of selected works of major importance in interdisciplinary international studies. Restricted to majors in International Studies.

Class description

Wealth, Power, and Morality

The class deals with ten readings – books – that represent some of the greatest contributions to international political economy. The purpose is to present a balanced selection that will represent major alternative approaches to international political economy. The class relates to SIS 497 Comparative International Political Economy and 370 The Myth of War. Of all various topics that are addressed in the literature, the class concentrates on the issue of wealth as central for economics/power, for politics and morality, for philosophy.

Student learning goals

Get better exposure to the literature that has provided, often invisible, foundations for the discourse and thinking regarding international relations

General method of instruction

Discussion of books presented individually by students plus introductory lectures for each session of the class.

Recommended preparation

Consider reading Robert Gilpin’s Political Economy of International Relations, Princeton University Press

Class assignments and grading

Book presentations and a final paper built around the book of choice

As above

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