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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Kazimierz Poznanski
SIS 476
Seattle Campus

Comparative International Political Economy

Comparative analysis of four major approaches to international political economy: mercantilism, Marxism, liberalism, and evolutionary approach. Focus on international cooperation, social change, and economic institutions. Theoretical analysis of the four paradigms and applications to historic and current issues in international political economy: hegemonic cycle, post-communist transition, and cross-national income inequality.

Class description

The course presents an integrated view on the main school in international political economy, including the so-called traditionalist approach. Unlike the dominant schools that stress individual and conflict this traditionalist approach /rooted in the so-called Austrian economics of Schumpeter and Hayek/focuses on family and cooperation. Various major themes in political economy are discussed from the competing perspectives /free trade ,state wars, fate of capitalism, collapse of communism, globalization "project"/ The class goes beyond Western thinking by bringing elements of Eastern /mainly Chinese/ view f the world.

Student learning goals

Appreciation of differences in political economy approaches and learning how to approach issues of contemporary political economy

General method of instruction

Focus is on lecture and selected readings plus a research paper

Recommended preparation

Read Robert Gilpin, International Political Economy, Princeton University Press

Class assignments and grading

Three tests 30 points each and 30 points maximum for the paper.

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