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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Patricia J Woods
SIS 460
Seattle Campus

Law, State, and Society

Examination of both state law and non-state law (rules and ways of ordering behavior such as customary law, religious law, and social conventions). Focuses on the ways non-state law interacts with and affects state law and is affected by state law.

Class description

The seminar will address the role of law and judiciaries in state-society relations in a number of cases around the world, from Brazil to India to China, with a focus on the Middle East and the U.S. It will focus on questions of judicialization of politics (including contests over power between judiciaries and other state institutions), and legal mobilization among a variety of social and political actors.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

The course will focus on the development of analytical reading, writing, and speaking skills through daily assignments, presentations, and papers. Response papers will address the central argument(s) in the readings. Term Paper: Students will present research papers on specific court cases or countries not covered in class, analyzing the intersection among law, state, and society in that case.

Recommended preparation

Recommended: previous seminar or other work focusing on analytical reading, writing, and speaking. POLS 363, Law and Society, will be helpful to those who have taken it, but is not required. See:

Class assignments and grading

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