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Gary G. Hamilton
SIS 330
Seattle Campus

Political Economy of Development

Growth, income distribution, and economic development in less-developed countries today. Policies concerning trade, industrialization, the agricultural sector, human resources, and financing of development. Prerequisite: either ECON 201, GEOG 123 or SIS 123, any of which may be taken concurrently.

Class description

How do societies develop and become more competitive in today’s global economy? Many writers in the past two decades have argued that the state, through its bureaucratic implementation of economic policy, has been the single most important factor influencing development. While acknowledging the importance of the state, this course will examine the social economy of global capitalism. We will look at the shifting organization of global production and its impact on national economies. Specific attention will be focused on how the organization of economies (including local firms, interfirm networks, and transnational corporations) are embedded in social institutions. We will particularly emphasize the course of economic development in East and Southeast Asia.

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