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Xianjun Geng
I S 470
Seattle Campus

Business Data Communications

Technology and applications of business data communications including characteristics of data, fundamentals of transmission, communications hardware and software, common-carrier services, network configurations (LAN, MAN, WAN),design, management, and security. Exercises in use of information retrieval/distribution systems, file transfer, and Internet resources. Prerequisite: I S 310; may not be repeated. Offered: AWSpS.

Class Description

The primary objective of the course is to familiarize the students with basic concepts of communication networks and to increase their awareness of managerial issues in a data communications networks. Three aspects of data communications will be examined: technology, operations and management. The technology section will introduce the basic hardware, software, and protocols used in data communications and familiarize the students with the basic terminology. The operations section will discuss the issues of design, implementation, security, and performance in networking environment. The management section will examine issues related to business applicability, pricing, investment decisions, and other broad business-related issues. These three major aspects will be balanced in all the core topics discussed in the course.

Textbook: Networking in the Internet Age. By Dennis. Wiley, 2002. The content and flow of the course are structured around the instructor¡¯s lecture notes. This textbook serves as a complement to the lecture notes and provides background reading. Supplementary materials will be handed out in the class or will be posted on the class web page.

Recommended preparation

Class Assignments and Grading

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Date: 03/10/2004