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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Peter W Johnson
IND E 315
Seattle Campus

Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Application of probability theory and statistics to engineering problems, distribution theory and discussion of particular distributions of interest in engineering, statistical estimation and data analysis. Illustrative statistical applications may include quality control, linear regression, and analysis of engineering data sets. Prerequisite: either MATH 136, MATH 307, or AMATH 351. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

In this course students will learn the basic fundamentals of probability and statistics. This course is designed to develop students probabilistic and statistical intuition.

Student learning goals

Identify various probability distributions

Calculate basic statistical measures

Conduct statistical analyses using either Excel or Minitab

Apply statistical methods to a real data set

General method of instruction

Lectures covering general concepts and problem examples.

Recommended preparation

Math 136, Math 307 or AMATH 131

Class assignments and grading

6 short homework assignments will be completed in addition students will complete a small project

Homework 20% Midterm Exam 20% Project 15% Final 30% Participation 5%

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Date: 09/24/2012