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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Frank F Vincenzi
Seattle Campus

P-Principles of Pharmacology I

Includes general principles of pharmacology and the specific pharmacology of major drugs acting on the autonomic and cardiovascular systems. Offered: A.

Class description

Basic principles governing the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs. Fundamentals of drug-receptor interactions and prototypic examples of drugs affecting mainly the autonomic and cardiovascular organ systems. Principles of chemotherapy, both antimicrobial and anti-cancer. Examples of the application of the above information in the treatment of human diseases. Emphasis is on the sites and mechanisms of action of drugs with additional consideration of indications, contraindications, adverse reactions and pharmacokinetics.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Mainly lectures.

Recommended preparation

Second year standing in Medical School, with solid backgrounds in biochemistry, physiology and microbiology. Attendance of lectures provides guidance for understanding readings in the syllabus and the textbook.

Class assignments and grading

Reading assignments in the textbook and review of PowerPoint presentations and/or podcasts as needed.

Ten online mini-quizzes during the quarter are 'no-fault'. Each worth 10 points. Best 7/10 quizzes are averaged as % of 100 points. One final examination worth 300 points. Overall class average determined from a weighted average of quizzes (100) and final examination (300). An overall class average of >= 70% guarantees a grade of at least PASS. An overall class average of >= 90% guarantees a grade of HONORS.

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