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Arthur I Fine
HPS 400
Seattle Campus

Colloquium in the History and Philosophy of Science

Examines issues from the perspectives of both history and philosophy. Prerequisite: either HIST 311, HIST 312, HIST 313, HIST 314, HIST 315, HIST 317, HIST 318, or HIST 412; either PHIL 350, PHIL 360, PHIL 450, PHIL 460, PHIL 464, PHIL 466, PHIL 473, PHIL 481, PHIL 482, or PHIL 483.

Class description

Science represents natural phenomena in many different ways: narratives, theories, abstract models, scale models, pictures, graphs, simulations, and so on. We will look at some of the issues surrounding representation from the perspectives of history, philosophy and sociology of science, including the boundary between representation in science and the arts. TEXTS: Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective, van Fraassen; Picturing Science, Producing Art, Jones, Galison

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